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Kitchen Renovations

Smart Kitchens are becoming part of the modern homes

These days people pay more attention to their kitchen in order to have the perfect home. For some people, this can be the first renovation project that they undertake. Extensive research must be done for kitchen renovations.

If the interior and layout of the kitchen is elegant, it becomes even easier to keep organised. A kitchen demands remodelling with the changing time. Renovation Location is one of the kitchens remodelling experts in Australia that will help you to most effectively do this.

These days we can see modular kitchens are replacing old and traditional forms of kitchen at homes. Open kitchens are being preferred in big apartments. Smart kitchen interior designs are a revolutionary asset. Renovation Location offers professional kitchen interior design services that will surely give a new fresh look to your old and tired kitchen.

Other services which are providing by us:
  • Modular kitchen
  • Architects
  • Texture painting
  • Bathroom renovation

Kitchen Interior Design

There was a time when the furnishing of the houses was focused on the drawing room and bedrooms. The kitchen was neglected. But now the trend has changed. Today people pay special attention to the interior design of their kitchen. In this modern trend, kitchen have been given more open space. A lot of work is being done to optimise this room, from its perceived cleanliness to its overall look. Our renovation team is the expert in kitchens, enabling us to offer bespoke kitchen renovation services.

Pay attention to colours

Colours play an important role in every house and especially in the kitchen. Our team of interior designing experts will help you experiment with the colours that compliments your home.

The era of colourful kitchens is here; with seafoam, blue and green, retro colours and daring jewel tone hues becoming a thing of the now. People are preferring to use multiple colour tones in their kitchen remodelling. A trend also seen here in Australia. If you desire a more understated appearance wood finishes or neutrals are beloved classics that have been given the modern treatment lately.

Over the years, we have observed people generally prefer light colors as they help keep the kitchen hygienic. However, ashier charcoal tones are seeing a rise interest also, following the increasingly popular sleek industrial aesthetic.

Smart Electronic Appliances are the first step for a perfect kitchen renovation

In the past few decades, the kitchen has changed a lot in the journey from stove to the smart kitchen. These days people are opting to install LED lights for the kitchen ceilings and drawers. These LEDs automatically light up when the drawer is opened. Cockroaches and other insect moths do not survive in such lights. Apart from this, a big change where separate shelves are provided for microwaves and other electronic appliances. With the change in the technology we should change our kitchen as well, as the kitchen reflects the status and functionality of the house.

Connect with the team of renovation location today and avail our kitchen renovation services.

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Greg Warren


Greg hails from a design background in print and packaging design, but for the past 8 years has been involved in spec building and project management in the shop fitting industry. As a result, Greg has a good eye for detail, and is more than happy to assist with elements of interior design, especially in projects where terrace and courtyard gardens are a feature.

Being a bit of a workaholic, Greg is happy to meet at your convenience, 7 days a week.

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