From sketch to build, with all accessories and all fittings, we are experts at all aspects of making a beautiful bathroom.


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Bathroom Renovation Services

Are you currently unhappy with your bathroom’s present conditions? Is it too old, dull, and inconvenient for you and your family? If that’s the case, you should immediately renovate your bathroom with contemporary designs. As there are a host of benefits associated with bathroom renovations. Benefits such as

  • Your bathroom space is now much more relaxed & beautiful.
  • Adds a lot to your house resale value.
  • Much more energy efficient.
  • Clear up space for other appliances
  • Bathrooms are much more convenient & safer for your family.
  • No need to waste a ton of money on quick fixes.

With so many benefits, you should too renovate your bathroom. However, finding the right kind of shop for a cheap bathroom renovation is not easy. As there are so many businesses in Sydney offering renovation services. But you cannot hire any renovator out of the hat. Because bathroom renovations are tricky and must be done through a reputed renovator only.

So, is there a quality bathroom renovator which offers budget bathroom makeover in Sydney and its nearby areas? Sure, there is, and you can instantly book their services without any problem.

From sketch to build, with all accessories and all fittings, we are experts at all aspects of making
a beautiful bathroom.

Client Review


Greg has amazing insight and wonderful ideas which helped convert our 4 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms to a 6 bedroom home with 4 bathrooms. The renovation did take longer than expected and also went over our budget, but it was all so worthwhile. Anonymous


Greg gave us free appraisal of the home we were about to buy, and then advised how to transform our 2 bedroom semi to a 5 bedroom home. The result is amazing.


Hi Greg, I am writing to tell how sorry we are that we never never took your advice and your quotation. Our home has cost considerably more to build and the flow of the ground floor just doesn’t work I will be recommending you to our friends. You really have a good understanding of what makes a home work.


It was such a pleasure working with Greg. His recommendations were amazing and really worked for us.


What an amazing job Renovation Location did on building our pergola!

R. & T.

Your Stylish Bathroom Renovation Partner

Renovation Location is amongst the leading bathroom and kitchen remodelers in Sydney. We have over 20 years of experience in remodelling, renovating, and revamping all sorts of bathrooms in Australia. We specialise in commercial as well as residential bathroom renovations in Randwick and its nearby areas.

So, why not join the list of esteemed homeowners, property managers and tenants who have hired our services in the past. We are certain that our renovation will truly reflect your vision and personality in your bathroom. Here are the services Renovation Location offers regarding bathroom renovation in Randwick, Sydney.

What do we offer?

Bathroom renovation is a sizable investment for any homeowner, property manager or a tenant. And that is why hiring a quality renovator becomes top priority. With Renovation Location, you are assured of quality, complete and budget bathroom makeovers in Sydney and its nearby areas.

Creative bathroom idea

The bathroom is designed in such a way that our expert team provides many creative ideas with various colour schemes, patterns and tile designs to make it the best place in the home. We plan effectively to renovate your bathroom within your budget and time.

Customised interior designing

Renovation Location focuses on offering the high end customised interior designing services for a perfect bathroom and to make sure that your bathroom shines out. We provide our clients with customised design with clarity and trends as per their needs and requirements.

We provide a wide scope of bathroom renovations services. We at Renovation Location offer services for residential as well as commercial bathroom renovation.

Our specialist team will listen to your ideas, imagination, and explore the space of your bathroom.

Then our team plans accordingly and prepares the design for it. We try every possible thing to turn your dream into reality. The professionals will start working on bathroom renovation keeping in mind all the requirements suggested by you the client. We are known for our effectiveness and efficiency while completing the projects.

We believe that the above-given reasons are compelling enough for you to hire our renovation services in Sydney. But in case you are still not convinced about us then we encourage you to read further.

Why choose us?

No two homes are the same, so how can two bathrooms be the same? Similarly, not every renovator can match the needs and budget of every customer. As everyone has different requirements, designs and ideas for their bathroom renovation. And thankfully, we check all these boxes as far as cheap bathroom renovation in Sydney is concerned. So according to your requirements, we make customise your bathroom renovations.

Expertise & Experience

Our understanding of the industry aids us to know that every bathroom’s requirements are different. With over 20 years of experience, we have all the expertise needed for hassle-free and effective renovations. Our team knows how to face any challenge that may arise during the process. And thus, Renovation Location is much better equipped at handling any type of renovation that you seek for your bathroom space in Sydney.

Our Approach

Our customer-centric and professional approach makes us one of the best contractors for bathroom renovations. Unlike our competitors, we do not send incomplete quotes for our services. We perform a complete assessment of your bathroom space before sending you a quote. Furthermore, there are no hidden charges of any sort for our services. Therefore, make sure to call Renovation Location to get the best bathroom remodelling quote in Sydney.

Wide Collection Of Designs & Ideas

Nowadays, people are not satisfied with a few options on the table. Everyone wants to see many designs before they finalise their renovations. And at Renovation Location, we have a large number of remodelling designs and ideas for our customers in Randwick and Sydney. The designs of our bathroom renovation are fully considerate in terms of functionality.

Quality Renovation Supplies

Along with great designs, it’s important to procure premium quality of renovation supplies. And for this, we have partnered with few of the leading manufacturers in the country. We provide high-quality materials with the help of these manufacturers. And thus, you can expect a top-class finish of your bathroom renovation with Renovation Location.

Hassle-free Completion

Bathroom renovations can be tricky and time-consuming. Especially if you hire an inexperienced and cheap bathroom renovation supplier in Sydney. However, we are renowned across the city for our professional approach and timely completion of every job we undertake. So, the turn-around time is less when you hire us, and you get budget-friendly renovations for your bathroom.

We provide personalised guidance services for a better understanding of our customer’s needs.

We at Renovation Location thus offer you the best bathroom renovations. Firstly, we will survey your existing bathroom, understand your goals, your budget, and help you in making the correct choices. After a one-to-one discussion, you are free of any worry. You can just leave the hard work to us. Contact us for further details.

Call 04149 77772 now ! Or you can easily request a free quote for our world-class services on our website. And don’t forget to check out other services such as kitchen renovation, decking, glass fencing, cladding, etc. as well.