Exterior Wall Cladding & House Cladding Services In Sydney

In search of the best cladding contractors in Sydney? Then you have come to the right place. Renovation Location provides exterior cladding services for residential and commercial buildings in Sydney. We provide exterior wall cladding that protects buildings from harsh elements such as rain, weather conditions, etc. Similarly, it enhances the overall aesthetics of the building’s exterior, quite drastically. And that is why you should acquire a house cladding service in Sydney as soon as possible!

Why Hire Renovation Location?

With over 20 years of home renovation experience, we are amongst the leading cladding companies in Sydney. Our team has provided exterior wall cladding service to hundreds of buildings in Sydney and its nearby areas. We believe that our customers should receive the best protection for their exteriors at the most competitive market price. You shall receive the following benefits from our team for your cladding needs in Sydney and across NSW.

  • Once we are done cladding the exterior surface, you can expect an extended service life from the structure. Similarly, you will see a tremendous improvement in the overall appearance of your building. Furthermore, house cladding service improves your building’s thermal insulation and acoustic performances!
  • Our team comes fully prepared for exterior cladding services in Sydney. Our team uses the latest equipment to provide the perfect finish to your walls.
  • Being one of the prominent cladding companies in Sydney, our quotes are reasonable, super-quick and complete.

With these many benefits, why go anywhere else? Hire Renovation Location as we are the finest cladding contractors in the entire Sydney and NSW region!

FAQs :

How do I go about choosing the best cladding for my home?
You need to consider a few things before contacting a cladding contractor in Sydney. You must choose a cladding material for your exterior wall depending upon the climate around your locality. Furthermore, you need to check your budget as each cladding material has a different market cost.
Don’t worry if you don’t know the ABCs of exterior wall cladding in Sydney; Renovation Location will help you out.
What are the big trends in cladding at the moment?
Nowadays, there are lots of new trends when it comes to cladding. Many cladding companies in Sydney are combining various cladding materials, mixing multiple colours, and using aluminium sheets as a cladding material. Similarly, there are other significant trends in the cladding industry. Call Renovation Location, and we will get you up to speed!
What surfaces are suitable for cladding?
A cladding contractor in Sydney can use cladding on exterior walls, interior walls, kitchen walls and even bathroom walls. Call our team at Renovation Location, and we will give you a quote for these services!
How much does cladding cost?
Depending upon the exterior wall cladding material used, the cost varies! You can talk to our team here at Renovation Location to know the exact price for house cladding in Sydney.

From sketch to build, with all accessories and all fittings, we are experts at all aspects of making
a beautiful bathroom.

Client Review


Greg has amazing insight and wonderful ideas which helped convert our 4 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms to a 6 bedroom home with 4 bathrooms. The renovation did take longer than expected and also went over our budget, but it was all so worthwhile. Anonymous


Greg gave us free appraisal of the home we were about to buy, and then advised how to transform our 2 bedroom semi to a 5 bedroom home. The result is amazing.


Hi Greg, I am writing to tell how sorry we are that we never never took your advice and your quotation. Our home has cost considerably more to build and the flow of the ground floor just doesn’t work I will be recommending you to our friends. You really have a good understanding of what makes a home work.


It was such a pleasure working with Greg. His recommendations were amazing and really worked for us.


What an amazing job Renovation Location did on building our pergola!

R. & T.