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Tiling is one of the major areas of focus for us at Renovation Location. We work with a whole range of clients and professionals ranging from architects, designers, developers, and even private clients. In our twenty years of experience, we have taken up a lot of tiling services in Kensington. We are familiar with the various colours, textures, and materials of tiles, suitable for different locations and spaces. Few kinds of tiles that we have worked with are porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, limestone, glass, and mosaic. 

Regardless of which space you want, let it be washrooms, office space, patio, kitchen, a commercial building, and so forth, our team at Renovation Location has the efficiency and innovation to design the style or the particular look that you are craving. The inputs that we provide, are the best of all tiling services in Kensington.  

How does Renovation Location help you choose the right tile for you?

There are various factors that need to be taken into consideration before purchasing tiles. Hiring a professional tiling service in Kensington like our company; Renovation Location, can help you deal with tall the technicalities involved to give you the innovative touch your home or commercial building requires. Our team will sit down with you and help you map your way into selecting the best tiles of your dreams.  

  • Determine the budget: The first step in our journey together will be to set your budget to match your needs whilst not breaking the bank. Tiles do not just come in different sizes, shapes, and colours. It also comes in different price ranges. It is crucial that you set a budget before going into tile hunting. Once you decide on where to set the limit, we can narrow down options easily.
  • Decide a colour scheme: Deciding on the colour palette can be a very tough decision as there are a lot of matters that need to be considered like whether the tiles are in sync with the décor. It is advisable to choose your vanity and cabinet colours before deciding on the colour palette of the tiles. For interior works, light colour tiles are what we recommend as it will make your décor and other accessories pop. 
  • Size of the tile: As time changes the style of tiles that’s hot and trending also changes. Initially, small tiles were the most sought after. Currently, people love big tiles for the reason that they make a small room appear bigger.

Renovation Location is your best quality and affordable choice 

We here at Renovation Location are sensitive and understanding of our client’s budget constraints. Do not worry about the monetary element as we will work out a budget together that can allow you to buy the best quality tiles that suit your tastes while not impeaching your monetary constraints.  

How to get started?

By opting our tiling services in Kensington, you are adding value to your home. Let our team of specialists aid you to fulfil your project vision of having the home of your dreams. Reach out to us today through our email: greg@renovationlocation.com.au or call us on 0414977772



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Greg has amazing insight and wonderful ideas which helped convert our 4 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms to a 6 bedroom home with 4 bathrooms. The renovation did take longer than expected and also went over our budget, but it was all so worthwhile. Anonymous


Greg gave us free appraisal of the home we were about to buy, and then advised how to transform our 2 bedroom semi to a 5 bedroom home. The result is amazing.


Hi Greg, I am writing to tell how sorry we are that we never never took your advice and your quotation. Our home has cost considerably more to build and the flow of the ground floor just doesn't work I will be recommending you to our friends. You really have a good understanding of what makes a home work.


It was such a pleasure working with Greg. His recommendations were amazing and really worked for us.


What an amazing job Renovation Location did on building our pergola!

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