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kitchen renovation botany

Kitchen Renovations in Botany

Kitchen renovations Services in Botany, a right place for all your needs

The kitchen is the main focus of any house. This is a place where everyone can unite, get nourished and nurtured. We all know that kitchen renovation is in demand and there is a good reason why. Giving a modern appearance to your kitchen helps you keep it tidy, hygienic and most importantly – inspiring. Nobody likes gaudy old patterns in their home, so why leave the kitchen out of your care in an update?

Your home life greatly impacts your life elsewhere, whether it’s at work or out with friends, whether you see it or not. Nowhere is this more true in the kitchen, the place that you make or obtain food. You can’t make meals in frustration and haste then expect a happy, healthy meal. But a disorganized or dull kitchen can often be the factor that places us in this unhelpful state. At Renovation Location we understand the importance of a good kitchen. We help our customers in Botany achieve a kitchen that’s immaculate, with our kitchen renovations services in Botany.

Combine your kitchen renovation with the latest styles!

If your current structure or the pattern of your kitchen space need complete renovation, new trends, patterns, colour scheme, are just waiting to be used in your kitchen. Several of the latest kitchen design trends are all about customisation to achieve a unique combination of colours, features, texture, tiling and smart appliances. The gist for improving your cooking space is giving it the modern touch that makes your heart sing. To make your kitchen feel so, our team will make sure to utilise the space in your kitchen to give you the best stylish layout with our bespoke Kitchen Renovation services.

Renovation location knows very well that

  • A kitchen renovation is a concept that is capable of changing the entire look and presence of the space.
  • We pride ourselves in being able to say that our fresh and modern creations delight all our clients.
  • Our firm is well known for its creativity. designs, leading trends, and fresh attitude towards each project which we handle.

What do we do and how do we do it?

Firstly, we will assist you in deciding on what you want out of the kitchen renovation. Once we get your approval, then we follow a step by step process. The steps follow -

  • Planning for Renovation - This is the first phase towards your kitchen renovation project where we sit and gain your insight for the project, as well as provide you with suggestions to incorporate practicality and the latest trends. Our kitchen renovations experts in Botany analyse your space precisely and consider all the requirements to note for the renovation. We do everything possible to turn your dream into a reality.

  • Designing according to space - Our team who handles the project contacts you to explore the space of the kitchen. We help you find the perfect colour schemes, furniture options, and overall desired look to maximise the value of your space.

  • Finally, go over it - After a complete discussion with you, we take step towards accomplishing the job. We develop your kitchen with high-quality materials and innovative architectural solutions.

If you are still confused over how Renovation Location can be beneficial for you, here’s more benefits of our Kitchen Renovations services:

  • Time-saving and convenient
  • Completely customised designs according to the requirements of the space
  • Contemporary appearance
  • Space-saving
  • Intelligent working design
  • Modular designs that are easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble.

Call us today and book your free appointment to resolve all your queries in one go. Quotes are free. Renovation Location is just a click away to assist you and make your stylish kitchen renovation dream come true.

Greg Warren


Greg hails from a design background in print and packaging design, but for the past 8 years has been involved in spec building and project management in the shop fitting industry. As a result, Greg has a good eye for detail, and is more than happy to assist with elements of interior design, especially in projects where terrace and courtyard gardens are a feature.

Being a bit of a workaholic, Greg is happy to meet at your convenience, 7 days a week.

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