Insulated wall panel

Here are some details about our Insulated wall panels

1. when you install Heble you need first to apply Hebel Adhesive, second you need apply Hebel Mortar, all material and time ARE cost money at about $40-50 per square meters extra. Also you never render mortar as flat as board on Hebel surface. our wall panel do not need this procedure because we already build strong 10mm board on both side and as flat as the board saving $40-50 dollars per square meter.

2. Hebel is very fragile product, it is easy crack and chipped when move, when is broken you can not use it. cost lot of money to replace and dumping, we estimated each project you will have between 10 to 20% damage which means the cost of material goes up 10-20 %. our product made by two lay of selected strong fiberglass mash, and the material mixed with fiberglass yarns, the 3m length and 900mm width wall panel can hold 3 ton pressure, can be bend up to 45 degree not broken. can be strike 80kg weigh by hard material and without damage. it is very tough material with no damage cost involved.

3. Hebel can not soak water, as soon as the Hebel soaked water they become soft as the mud. there for the Hebel can not leave in outside without cover, this is makes difficult during the construction period because you can not guarantee there is no raining during the construction period. our product can store in outside uncovered even put it in the water has no problem. the material has been tested in the way of soaked for 12 hours and put it in oven for 12 hours, contingently for 30 times (30 days) the product has no damage and change in size and shape at all. (certificate: AS/NZS2908.2:2000 test for 1.dimensional characteristics. 2. apparent density. 3. water permeability beding strenght. 4. soak / dry bending strength. AS/AZS 4040.3 resistance to wind pressures for cyclone regions. AS/AZS 1170.2:2002 structural design Part:2 wind action. AS/NZS 1562:1:1992 design and installations of sheet roof and wall cladding) and much more can be request by emails

4. Hebel is too heavy to make large size. which standard size is 2700mm x 600mm our panel is 2950mm x 900mm which mean Heble has more joint and more job then install our wall panel.

5. Heble installed by long screws direct to the top hat battens however the screws damaged all 75 thick material, the panel is not screwed only hanging on the screws, between the screws and panel material the screw has hollow out the material, it is loss fixing, in long terms by the house movement the hollow will become bigger and bigger.  our panel board has tested each 5mm screw can hang 25kg weigh product. the capacity of screw holding as strong as the plywood. because our board are made by mixed fiberglass yarns and mash. so the both side board strongly hold screws direct to the steel battens

6. Heble is not insulated material AAC achieves R0.5. our wall panel sandwiched 80mm thick M grad density polystyrene , apparently  is the highest insulation material in Australia to be recognized 6 start energy saving material, AAC achieves R 2.0 regard less cost of this material but just use normal insulation material such as rock wool will cost $10.00 per square meters. so our material saving another $10.00 per square meters. polystyrene cost $40.00 per square meters

7. we have used this material in Australia for more than 6 years in wall panel fence and building cladding, floor structure construction there is no steel fixing and screws effected to rust, even the building closed to beach in front of water, has no effected.

8. our building material are zero carbon green materials which have made an important contribution to emission reductions.

9. non combustion test passed and certified. 1530.1 and 1530.2 Bush fire alert level (BAL) 29