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Your bathroom is an essential and unbreakable part of your home. Every day, you spend a great part of your time there either bathing or refreshing. So, when you are planning bathroom renovations in Alexandria, get the best remodeling workmanship and materials from Renovation Location. Whether it is a big r project or a small, we are always there to make your bathroom look exactly the way you are dreaming of.

Every member of the house is different and like this every home is also different. So bathrooms need to be modified with your family in mind. With our years of experience, we work as per your style as well as your budget to renovate your bathroom as you need. Since our installations are very fast and totally customised to your existing shower or tub, they are very reasonable.

At Renovation Location, our team specialises in floor to ceiling bathroom renovations in Alexandria, and our services contain but are not restricted to:

  • Countertops – Marble, granite, tile, and quartz are some of the most sought options available for countertops in the bathroom. With these preferences, you can also select from a range of colors that will help you get an idea of the final look.
  • Tile – As per your choice, our team can install porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, mosaics, travertine, pebble shower floors, and much more.
  • Showers, Jacuzzis and Bathtubs – A few may say that the tub or shower is an important part of your bathroom, but how do you find out what kind you need? At Renovation Location, we set up a wide range of tubs, showers and Jacuzzis, including steam showers, rain heads, easy-access tubs, couples tubs, and much more! You can include additional features for example barrier-free showers, frameless shower enclosure, and grab bars to modify the room even further.
  • Walls – Do you love the idea of wainscoting in your bathroom? Maybe you choose the clean look of a beadboard? Let us install the beautiful wall features you desire, that will help create your one-of-a-kind bathroom.
  • Aesthetic Details – As a bathroom renovation company in Alexandria, we also assist homeowners to choose bathroom features, such as: lighting, cabinets, fixtures, and flooring. We can also install additional features like custom tiling and heated floors to make the room totally your own.

 Your Ideal Space

An up-to-date bathroom adds importance to your home and so it is essential to pick the design that best fits your house.

 Small Bathrooms 

If you have a small bathroom then there are many things that can be done to make your bathroom look more stylish and attractive. While staying within your budget. We will help you select the bathroom that goes best with your vision.

 Large Bathrooms 

Bathrooms can hold much of the beauty of the house. These days, people have gone for bathrooms that are beautiful, bold, and additionally, comfortable. At Renovation Location, we will ensure your regular and simple bathroom becomes a stylish, beautiful, functional and organized space that returns high investment value.



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Greg has amazing insight and wonderful ideas which helped convert our 4 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms to a 6 bedroom home with 4 bathrooms. The renovation did take longer than expected and also went over our budget, but it was all so worthwhile. Anonymous


Greg gave us free appraisal of the home we were about to buy, and then advised how to transform our 2 bedroom semi to a 5 bedroom home. The result is amazing.


Hi Greg, I am writing to tell how sorry we are that we never never took your advice and your quotation. Our home has cost considerably more to build and the flow of the ground floor just doesn't work I will be recommending you to our friends. You really have a good understanding of what makes a home work.


It was such a pleasure working with Greg. His recommendations were amazing and really worked for us.


What an amazing job Renovation Location did on building our pergola!

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