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bathroom renovation maroubra

Bathroom Renovations in Maroubra

Specialists of Bathroom Renovations in Maroubra

With time, the new and trendy bathroom designs have evolved. Many are renovating their bathrooms to evolve with it.

And why not? A bathroom is one of the rooms in your house that is used frequently. It is the place where you spend a lot of your time freshening up and escaping from the rest of a long day. Therefore, you should also not consider the facelift of your bathroom lightly. Put your bathroom in the best of hands, with the most captivating and compelling designs. Your one-stop for the complete high-quality renovation of your bathroom in Maroubra is Renovation Location.

We all know no two people are the same. It becomes extremely difficult to meet everyone’s expectations in one single room. But now it has become possible with Renovation Location - your bathroom renovation will cater to the needs of every family member. In Maroubra selecting a correct contractor for renovating your bathroom can be worrisome. But your worry comes to rest with us.

  • Renovation Location with years of experience excels in meeting deadlines.
  • Our team is proficient and provides excellent workmanship.
  • We provide the best quality materials.
  • We provide personalised guidance and consultation services.
  • We provide customised services.
  • Our projects are budget-friendly.

Renovation Location takes pride in stating that we provide all types of bathroom renovation services in Maroubra.

Unique designs of vanity and countertops

Our team excels in providing you with customised designs. With our team, you are free to work on and choose the colour scheme and designs specially customised for you. Choose from an array of options and then finally settle for the option that suits your eye.

Resurfacing your bathroom

We excel at resurfacing and revitalising your existing bathroom. We resurface bathtubs, tiles, walls, etc. The renovated and resurfaced bathroom will take the ordinary look of your bathroom to an extraordinary level.

Demolition works involving bathroom renovation

Renovation Location takes full responsibility for any sort of demolition work while renovating your bathroom. We demolish the existing vanity or bathtubs and take full responsibility for clearing the demolition waste.

Tiling services to facelift your bathroom

Our team guides you in selecting the correct colour and size of the tile that you wish to put in your bathroom. Not only implanting new tiles, but our professional team also replaces old worn out tiles.

Plumbing work that ensures no leakage

Renovation location fully manages the plumbing work from the suppliers for your renovation of the bathroom. We install taps, showers, bathtubs, toilets, etc.

Safe earthing of electrical work

The lighting of the bathroom is important. This adds a glam look to your bathroom. Our proficient team helps you in selecting the best lighting that will suit your requirements. Not only lighting but we also conduct the safe installations of heaters, exhaust fans, heated towel rack, etc.

Paint it to your choice

We paint the walls and ceiling of bathrooms with paints that are mould resistant. This will surely give the bathroom a bright new look.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms where you enter to freshen up and revitalise yourself. Renovating your bathroom will give a facelift to the entire house. Whether you opt for a traditional and rustic look or a modern and contemporary look, Renovation Location is your ideal partner for renovating your bathroom in Maroubra. Don’t wait any longer. Contact us immediately to give your bathroom the facelift that you’ve been dreaming of.

Greg Warren


Greg hails from a design background in print and packaging design, but for the past 8 years has been involved in spec building and project management in the shop fitting industry. As a result, Greg has a good eye for detail, and is more than happy to assist with elements of interior design, especially in projects where terrace and courtyard gardens are a feature.

Being a bit of a workaholic, Greg is happy to meet at your convenience, 7 days a week.

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